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Ever find yourself wishing life came with a roadmap?

Let me help you on your journey to a calmer, healthier, happier life. 

Hi, I’m Marie, and I’m delighted that you’re here - because it means you’ve already taken a massive first step in your journey to a better future. You’re not prepared to accept second best, because something’s telling you things don’t have to be that way – and that getting the right help at the right time can change your life. I’d love the chance to prove you right!

We all want a calm, happy and healthy life – but sometimes modern life has other plans! That’s particularly true for busy professionals - feeling the heat as they climb the ladder, the endless pressure and blurred lines between home and work can take a heavy toll: anxiety, lost confidence, poor sleep, lack of direction, family issues, and other mental and physical health problems.

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Unsure what you want next in your working life?
  • Struggling under the pressure of a challenging role?
  • Wishing you could feel mentally & physically stronger?
  • Finding it tough being a worker & parent?
  • Feeling like you’ve lost control?
  • Relationship challenges at home and work?
  • At a crossroads in life and no idea what to do?
  • Approaching a big birthday and wondering 'what next'?

GREAT NEWS – you don’t have to stay stuck!

With my support, clients like you have quickly regained control – and found themselves enjoying the kind of better, easier future they’d lost sight of.

Whatever challenge you’re facing at home or work, I can help, with a range of options designed to fit around your life - from online courses and workshops to one-to-one coaching. They’re all rooted in an evidence-based, rational approach (maybe that’s not surprising, with my background in science and education) – so don’t worry if you’re the kind of person who feels uncomfortable with words like wellbeing and coaching.

And because life’s problems don’t fit nicely into categories, such as work and home life, my holistic approach means I can help you with every aspect of your life. So whether you’re looking for wellbeing solutions for yourself, or you’re a team leader caring for the needs of your workforce, I can help you on your journey to a calmer, happier, healthier life.

Here's how I have helped people like you.......

I know that when it comes to wellbeing, there’s no such thing as one size fits all – and that’s why I offer a range of options to suit your needs. From individual coaching to my very popular Positive Paths to Wellbeing online course and team wellbeing workshops and programmes, there’s something to help you.

Individual Coaching

Feeling stuck? At a difficult crossroads? Or do you just wish your life felt a whole lot better than it does right now? My one-to-one coaching could be the perfect answer. It’s ideal for the busy professional juggling the stresses of home and work, and those who know something needs to change but don’t know where to start.

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Online Courses

For those who know that a better life must be possible, but need help finding their way, online courses are an ideal solution. Positive Paths to Wellbeing is an online journey of self-discovery about your wellbeing, which you can take at your own pace, and in your own time. Positive Habits for Time Management will help you get organised & focused.

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Support for teams

If you’re a manager keen to support your team’s mental and physical health, I offer some great options, including my four month team wellbeing programme – a great mix of online and in-person learning and coaching that nurtures your whole team, or talk to me about my live wellbeing workshops or a tailor made option.

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