I have often read statements that say it takes ‘so many’ days to form a new habit. In my experience almost no behaviour is in place forever, we are continually changing. I have had habits that I have carried out for years and then all of a sudden stopped. Something else changes and my good …

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Climate strike

On Friday 20th September I joined the climate protest in St Andrews. People gathered on the West Sands beach, made famous in the film ‘Chariots of Fire’, to draw a ‘Line in the Sand’. A group of protestors wound their way through the streets chanting the usual mantra – what do we want?….. when do …

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Eco solutions

I am often left wondering if my eco-choices are in fact more harmful for the environment than the ones I am trying to replace. Is the toilet paper made from bamboo better than toilet paper made from recycled paper? Are the biodegradeable plastic wrappers better than paper wrappers? What about bags for life? How long …

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New habits

I have been very lax with writing blogs, despite it being one of my intentions when I started my website. It has been over 5 months since I wrote the last one and I have been pondering on why it has not become a habit. I have no excuses. I have had both the time …

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January planning

After the socialising, family gathering and eating and drinking of Christmas I love the chance to have a think about changes I would like to make in the New Year. This year to help me do this I have designed a monthly/weekly planner. It focuses on the key areas of life that I help people …

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