Unnecessary Christmas stuff??

As Christmas fast approaches I am struck by the huge increase in unnecessary “stuff” ( am I allowed to call it tat?) that the shops have filled up with. I found a small Christmas box that I had kept from last year (I don’t know why I kept it) that epitomises the unnecessary tat that is produced for Christmas and inevitably ends up in landfill or even worse in our seas. I had worn the paper hat but I did not use anything else from the box.
I am keeping this box on display for the Christmas period to remind me not to buy any tat and not to buy things with unnecessary packaging. A recent article from Heriot-Watt University highlighted the need to reduce rather than replace our use of plastics. They argue that many plastic alternatives could be worse for the planet than the plastic itself so this year I am really focusing on reducing my consumption generally. I wonder if the family will think I am being rather bah humbug??

Heriot-Watt article

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