Do you sleep like a baby (well maybe that is not such a good choice of words as babies wake up regularly during the night crying for food, but you know what I mean) or do you have trouble getting to sleep? Or maybe you can fall asleep but then wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep. This short free course introduces you to over 30 tips and techniques for improving both the quality and quantity of your sleep.

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Wellbeing in Focus

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Are you looking for a short workshop (2-3 hours) for your staff that focuses on health and wellbeing. Positive Life Habits covers a number of tips and tools that staff can start to implement to move them towards better physical and mental health.

The course includes setting health and wellbeing goals, tips for being more organised, healthier eating, exercise and sleep tips and an introduction to mindfulness.The course is delivered in your workplace at a time and date convenient for you. I also deliver a version specifically tailored for PhD researchers.

It is now available as an online workshop.

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More short courses

I also run the following half day workshops in person and online

  • Positive Habits for Managing your Time
  • Positive Habits for Sleep
  • Positive Habits for your PhD.

Workshops last for 2.5 - 3 hours and currently they are delivered using video conferencing.


To discuss your requirements email info@mariepaterson.com to arrange a no obligation call.

Feedback for Positive Habits for Managing your Time (online version)

It was really relaxed & friendly, full of very useful info re time management. 

Feedback for Positive Habits for your Doctorate (online version)

This is a brilliant session and very helpful! Packed with great tips and exercises. 

Very interactive and practical

Email: info@mariepaterson.com

Telephone: 07909 332 335