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Thank you for visiting my website to find out more about my online wellbeing course. Please watch my video to hear all about how this course can help you to be calmer, happier and healthier.

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Do you know that life could be calmer, happier and healthier? Do you struggle to make the changes that could get you there? Or maybe you aren't even sure what changes to make. I don't know about you but I wasn't taught how to have a better relationship with my teenagers, or how to work harmoniously with colleagues, or how to take care of my mental health. These are things we take for granted, that somehow we should just know, but the reality is that often we don't know how to make things better, but the good news is we can discover new ways to an easier, better life.

I have spent the last 16 years learning ways to make life easier, better, simpler and calmer and I want to share them with you, to fast track you to a happier future. The 'Positive Paths to Wellbeing' course helps you find your unique way to your future. It covers principles, tools, ideas and actions you can take straight away and put into practice in your life.

The course is divided into 8 weekly self-directed sections which build into a framework to support your future wellbeing.

  • Path 1 - Clarify what is important to me
  • Path 2 - Take personal responsibility
  • Path 3 - Nurture my relationships
  • Path 4 - Improve communication
  • Path 5 - Look after my body
  • Path 6 - Look after my mind
  • Path 7 - Develop positive habits
  • Path 8 - Continue learning for life

The course comes in 3 options:

  1. Online course £79 - 8 week programme online - watch the videos and complete the exercises - work at your own pace.
  2. Support programme £159 - as 1 + 90 minutes of coaching
  3. Transformation programme £489 - as 1 plus 6.5 hours of coaching and email support.

Enrol by clicking the link below for option 1 or to book options 2 or 3 email info@mariepaterson.com or for more information visit the  online learning site

Or drop me an email and arrange a no-obligation discovery call - info@mariepaterson.com

Frequently asked questions

How long does the course take?  About 40-60 minutes per week for 8 weeks, but the time management section will save you lots of time in the future!

How does the course work?  There are videos to watch and exercises to complete. There are information sheets to download or fill in on the computer. Once you have completed the course you have access for life.

Is there any other help available?  The Support and Transformation programmes have 1-2-1 coaching and the Transformation programme has email support too. Let me help you to a calmer, happier, healthier life.


Does it include information on nutrition and exercise? Yes I am qualified in nutrition coaching and exercise for older adults and the course includes advice on physical health. I believe in sensible, easy to implement small changes that make a real difference to your health.

What if I find the course just isn't for me? There is a money back guarantee. If after 2 modules you want a refund, just email for a full refund.

How have previous participants rated the course? I am delighted to say that my participants love the course. They love that it looks at the whole of their life, not just one aspect such as food. All have rated it very good or excellent - the majority said excellent :-).