As someone who lives near the sea I am acutely aware of how much rubbish is washed up on our beaches and like many people I have become more aware of how I am contributing to the damage to the environment. Due to all the press coverage I am also becoming more aware of what I do on a daily basis and I am trying to change some of my behaviours and habits to reduce my own personal impact on our lovely countryside.

So what have I done so far? Well I don't know about you but it took me quite a long time to get into the habit of always taking a bag to the shops. I had good intentions but would often find myself standing in the queue with no way of transporting the shopping I was going to buy back home. However I did eventually embed the new habit in my routine and I now can't remember the last time I bought a plastic bag at the shops.

Another new habit is bringing a re-usable cup with me if I am getting a takeaway coffee. This has been a much easier habit to adopt. So I am hopeful that each new change will get established a bit more quickly. I am inspired by others who are much further ahead in the journey and I have joined a local group, Plastics Free Anstruther, who are looking to support the reduction of single use plastics in our local town. This is part of the Surfers against Sewage movement and I just hope that the humans of this world are not too late to save our planet from the impact of our modern lives.

Plastic Free Anstruther

2 thoughts on “Plastics”

  1. I’ve decide to cut my plastic intake by using soap bars for washing body and hair. Also found out about solid moisturiser bars. These all have no plastic packaging, and usually contain more natural products and less chemicals. Bit more expensive but can’t put a price on saving the planet.

    1. Thanks Claire. I am going to look into those. The amount of plastic used for just one bottle of shampoo or shower gel makes me feel rather guilty.

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