Parkrun 100

As a life long reluctant exerciser I am still slightly amazed that I have completed my 100th Parkrun. If you don’t know about Parkrun it is a free, timed 5k run (or walk) on Saturday mornings in outdoor spaces across the UK and in 20 countries throughout the world. It is run by amazing groups of volunteers; the organisers and volunteers at my local Parkrun of St Andrews are totally wonderful!
Last week in the UK 121,588 Parkrunners ran at 542 Parkruns and 11,581 people volunteered.
My parkrun journey started because my husband had started going to Parkrun and it was such a lovely friendly healthy event that I wanted to join in too. I started ( for the umpteenth time) to try again to become a runner and for some reason I managed to transition from walking to walk/jogging to jogging 5k. I have never looked back and have since joined the Anster Allsorts running club, and have taken part in a number of 10k runs and even a 10 miler. I am happy with the shorter distances as I am not convinced that longer distances are better for my health.
The main benefits have been developing a new community of running friends, having more energy and not huffing and puffing when I walk up a hill or climb a few flights of stairs.
I always feel great after Parkrun even on the days when it has felt pretty hard all the way around. And the best bit – rewarding myself with a well deserved cooked breakfast afterwards!

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