New habits

I have been very lax with writing blogs, despite it being one of my intentions when I started my website. It has been over 5 months since I wrote the last one and I have been pondering on why it has not become a habit. I have no excuses. I have had both the time and the ideas, but that has not changed into action. There are lots of theories about how habits form and how long they take to become part of your routine. I think that varies a lot as I have had habits for years that have gone by the wayside and new habits that seem to have been cemented into my life in just a few days.
So how to get into the habit of blogging? One of the theories is to link the creation of a new habit to a cue. What is the cue that will prompt me to write a blog? I think for me it needs to be a set day of the month, so I am going to write my next blog on 11th August at the latest.
Interestingly the book that started my self-development journey was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. His work is very inspirational in helping you identify what is important to you and prioritising to achieve that. I love sharing the knowledge I learn that might help others so I plan to keep sharing via my newsletter, my Facebook page and my regular(!!) blog.

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