Eco solutions

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I am often left wondering if my eco-choices are in fact more harmful for the environment than the ones I am trying
to replace. Is the toilet paper made from bamboo better than toilet paper made from recycled paper? Are the biodegradeable plastic wrappers better than paper wrappers? What about bags for life? How long do they take to break down compared to a thin plastic carrier bag? I am hopeful we will start to get clarity on some of these questions but in the meantime I am focusing on reducing what I buy and finding more bio-degradable items.

So as I struggle with trying to find the best way to reduce my impact on the planet I was delighted to see a crowd funding campaign for a re-usable bottle that is made from plants and that will bio-degrade if it ends up in landfill. I have ordered a bottle and hope they achieve their target so that I can receive a bottle and put an end to thick plastic replacements for thin plastic bottles.


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