Coronavirus or not?


I woke up this morning with a bit of a tickly throat and a tiny, tiny bit of a cough. So what was I to think? Coronavirus, or the start of a cold, or just my imagination? If I have a day of feeling a bit 'under the weather' I usually assume I am fighting off some bug, but I spent the last few days skiing in the French Alps, just near the Italian border, so when I started to think I might have caught something, I guess it is natural to worry that it might be Coronavirus. There was certainly no precautions evident in the ski resort with the mountain cafes having well-used hand towels in the restrooms!

To be cautious I have changed some face to face coaching scheduled for today into online coaching and will see how the throat develops. If it wasn't for this new virus I would have just carried on as usual today, so do you think I was being sensible, or over-cautious?

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