Christmas Checklist

This year I am determined to be more organised at Christmas than I was last year. Somehow I had great intentions (as always) but before I knew it, it was the middle of December and I still hadn’t even bought any Christmas cards let alone sent them to my many overseas friends and relations.

But this year ……..it is going to be different! For years I have taught time management and it is also part of my new personal development courses and I am pretty good with time management at work but not so good at home. Does anyone else have that problem?

So I have written a checklist (I love a good checklist) and this year I am promising myself I will be more organised.

Here is my checklist – if it can be of any use to you please help yourself. You may well have to add in other items to suit your circumstances but feel free to comment with any obvious gaps and maybe next year’s version will be event better! If you would like a Word document version please email info@mariepaterson.com.

Christmas Checklist Download


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