Carbs – good or bad?



One of the topics we cover during the ‘My Map, My Future’ course is nutrition, as it is so essential to how you feel and the amount of energy you have for life, so I am always interested in any news on nutritional research.
A food article in Lancet Public Health made the news earlier on this week. The radio piece I heard stated that a low carb or high carb diet was linked with a lower life expectancy with the emphasis on low carb. This started lots of comments on Twitter from low carb advocates claiming the conclusions were flawed and that we should all be eating low carb in order to avoid diabetes, obesity and associated illnesses.

As someone who follows the ebb and flow of diet news avidly I have been looking for a more impartial take on this news and found it today in the New Scientist (probably my first time buying it since being at Uni!).
They said that the authors think higher mortality is linked to a low-carb, high meat diet. They found that when people replaced carbs with meat their lifespan reduced. But the opposite was true for those who ate plant-based sources of fat and protein such as nuts, vegetables, peanut butter and wholegrain bread.

So this piece of news seems to support my food philosophy. We need to eat foods that are as similar as possible to how they grow in nature with plenty of vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole-grains and moderate amounts of unprocessed meats and dairy and avoid highly processed foods such as those containing added sugar and white flour and also processed meats. How easy is that diet to stick to in our society? How many sandwich shops, fast food outlets and buffets push us in the direction of the less healthy food? Eating delicious healthy food can be done but it does take a bit of planning. What do you do to try and eat more healthily?


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