I have often read statements that say it takes ‘so many’ days to form a new habit. In my experience almost no behaviour is in place forever, we are continually changing. I have had habits that I have carried out for years and then all of a sudden stopped. Something else changes and my good …

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As someone who lives near the sea I am acutely aware of how much rubbish is washed up on our beaches and like many people I have become more aware of how I am contributing to the damage to the environment. Due to all the press coverage I am also becoming more aware of what …

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Parkrun 100 As a life long reluctant exerciser I am still slightly amazed that I have completed my 100th Parkrun. If you don’t know about Parkrun it is a free, timed 5k run (or walk) on Saturday mornings in outdoor spaces across the UK and in 20 countries throughout the world. It is run by …

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