A healthy read

I was not surprised to read today that children who love reading are happier and have the highest levels of mental wellbeing. I absolutely love getting lost in another world when I am engrossed in a book. If I really get involved I don’t want to put it down or pull myself away to do other pressing jobs like cooking some dinner!

My favourite genre is historical fiction. There I am walking the corridors of a Tudor palace hardly able to bear the tension of the impending death of some nobleman who has displeased the King; but I do feel so much happier when I am in the middle of a good book.

What a great gift we can give our children to encourage in them a love of reading. How many young people has J. K. Rowling introduced to reading? Harry Potter certainly played a big part in my own children’s reading pleasure.

Let’s take note of this report published by the National Literacy Trust and make sure that reading is part of our lives. On my course we talk about reading as one example of mindfulness. A way to take you into the moment; to stop you worrying about the past or the future.

I am off to download a book that a friend recommended to me. I can’t wait to get reading it!

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