28 days alcohol free – what next?

During my 28 day alcohol free challenge I tried quite a few different non-alcoholic drinks. I did a blind tasting of these three drinks:

1) Ceder’s distilled non-alcoholic drink served with Fever-Tree light tonic
2) Gordon’s ultra low alcohol gin and tonic flavoured drink
3) Fever-tree light tonic on its own

My favourite was (3) the Fever-tree light tonic, closely followed by the Gordon’s G&T substitute. I was not keen on the first one which tasted rather flat to me. I was pleased to discover that the Fever-tree was my favourite as it is now available in so many pubs and restaurants.

After the 28 days were up I had a 250ml glass of red wine with dinner. It did not taste anything like as wonderful as I imagined it would. I then slept so badly, waking up at 3am and not getting back to sleep. I vowed at 5am that I would never drink again, but that probably won’t last. However I think the 28 days has had a profound affect on my relationship with alcohol. I was going to a Christmas get together last night and I volunteered to drive. I enjoyed my tonics just as much as a gin and tonic and slept soundly afterwards. Life is full of change!

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